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Full rivière bracelet blue topaz

Full rivière bracelet blue topaz

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Unique full rivière bracelet with deep blue Swiss Topazes 


This magnificent bracelet is a true eye catcher!

The deep blue Swiss Topazes making it like you actually look into a deep blue river that keeps on floating.

The uniqueness is being encouraged because of the different shapes of the Topazes, some are oval cut, some are cushion cut and all slightly different in size and shape.

This bracelet is completely handmade and the enclosure is perfectly blended in the bracelet, you won’t even notice him while you wear it.


Size: 18 cm 

Material: 14k yellow gold

Weight: 39.40 g


Gemstones: Swiss blue topaz

Cut: Multiple kinds of cuts

Color: True blue

Carat: Total of 121.7 ct

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