Hi! I’m Manon, a goldsmith / jewellery designer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

From childhood on I have been possessed of precious stones, beads and colored pencils. I can look for hours attractive  colors and beautiful materials. I used to draw, do crafts and clay for hours.
After HAVO I went to the "Vakschool" , Jewellery design and Goldsmith Academy in Schoonhoven and from then on I became a "professional geek". I can sit for hours behind my workbench to come up with new designs and try out new techniques.
I am constantly on the lookout for new materials and techniques and hope to create special, stubborn pieces. From the drawing table as a rough sketch to the end product, my jewelry is made entirely by hand. Continually striving for perfection and maintaining pure craftsmanship.

I fel in love with Andalusia, the colors, ceramics and ambiance and I hope that this same feeling and vibe reflects in my designs!

My aim is to find the most wonderful, colorfull gemstones in the world.

From vibrant green Paraiba Tourmalines to intense purpla Tanzanite, I am constantly looking for the ones that speak to me, that shines and reflect the most brightest, I hope my passion shows.

If you have got any questions please let me know, I am here to help you find your perfect gemstone and to create your one of a kind piece of jewellery for you.

I am your personal Goldsmith, 

Love, Manon Herrewijnen