MH x Wendy Buiter

In collaboration with Dutch artist Wendy Buiter we have created three iconic bespoke sets of earrings. These pieces will be immortalized on canvas in a artistic, colorful and creative way.

The masterpieces are sold together as a never-parting set.

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MH x Duik de Noordzee Schoon

In collaboration with stichting Duik de Noordzee schoon we have created sophisticated bracelets out of recycled materials collected from our beloved Dutch sea in combination with beautiful gold and silver.

Support this cause by shopping one of these eyecatchers and we then donate a portion of the proceeds!

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MH x ST1 Gallery

In collaboration with ST1 Gallery we exhibited our collections alongside impressive natural stones in our 'around the world in 80 gems' event in september 2022. Not only did they enhance the ambiance, but it truly showed how wonderful the creations of the earth are.

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