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My Atelier

I surround myself with colorful art, tiles, stained glass windows, flowers and many more colorful things. By creating this type of surrounding my inspiration floats and it challenges me to translate this feeling into jewellery. Throughout the years my style has developed into a feeling I want to convey through my pieces. I want all jewels to spark joy and happiness.

Goudsmid Manon Rotterdam - Goud bewerken met hamer aan werkbank

My Way of Working

After 20 years of creating quality jewellery I can say that I have gone through a wide variety of styles. All this experience has led me to the signature pieces I create today. I have mainly focused my expertise on the incorporation of colored gemstones and making them look exquisite. In my atelier I do everything by hand and I ensure the highest quality possible. This results in a one-of-a-kind experience and customized pieces that I hold very dear to my heart.

Goudsmid Manon Rotterdam - Diverse juwelen op tafel

My Precious Products

The jewels I create range from very classic and simple, to extremely intricate and flamboyant. I aspire to create collections that are interchangeable and combinable. The materials I work with are of the highest quality and I love to work with reclaimed gold and gems. This to give new life to existing items, and to let my creativity shine.

  • Algemeen Dagblad

    On the 11th of october 2021 the AD published a beautiful article written by Frederique Rijneveen about my journey and our brand. It is a little peek into my workshop and my life as a crafts(wo)man. See the link below for the full article (in dutch).

    AD Article 
  • Wie van de drie

    Take a guess: who is the real goldsmith? Number 1, 2 or 3?  On Sunday 13 March we will be featured in the program "Wie van de drie" on sbs6, the Dutch televison station.We've thrown in all our knowledge to mislead the judges. The fire was put on our shins but in the end we had an amazing day and we are certainly an experience richer! See the link below to watch the episode (in dutch)

    WVD3 Episode 
  • Girls Who Magazine

    Girls Who is a lifestyle magazine that empowers women with articles about vast variety of subjects. When an article was written about female artist of the current age, we were honored to be included in this list of amazing women who decided to do their own thing and excel in it! See the link below for the full article (in dutch).

    'Girls Who' Article