In the media - Manon de goudsmid

Wie van de drie - de goudsmid! 

Take a guess: who is the real goldsmith? Number 1, 2 or 3? 
 On Sunday 13 March we will be featured in the program "Wie van de drie" on sbs6, the Dutch televison station.
We've thrown in all our knowledge to mislead the judges. The fire was put on our shins but in the end we had an amazing day and we are certainly an experience richer! See the link below to watch the episode (in dutch)


In the newspaper

On the 11th of october 2021 the AD published a beautiful article written by Frederique Rijneveen about my journey and our brand. It is a little peek into my workshop and my life as a crafts(wo)man. See the link below for the full article (in dutch).

In Girls who magazine