It is extremely important to deliver a piece of jewelry that is technically perfect. However, aftercare is almost as important. Because this is something that is skipped easily with jewelry, I would like to emphasize here. To preserve the jewelry it is advisable to read the list below and do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

1. Have the jewelry checked once a year. Are all gemstones still attached, are the suppository feet thick enough, is it necessary to polish / mattify / rhodinate again, is the closure still tight? By having these points checked properly you can prevent a loss. A goldsmith or jeweler can easily determine whether a piece of jewelry needs maintenance, even if it does not seem necessary at first sight.
2. Avoid chlorine with porous materials! Pearls, opals and corals dry out or discolor by corrosive agents. Ask in case of doubt!
3. Bear in mind that wearing polished jewelry will make it matt and that matted jewelry will shine. This is easy to restore once in a while, but set your expectations accordingly.
4. Remember your fingers are thinning in cold water, you will not be the first to lose the wedding ring on his or her honeymoon when throwing a ball into the sea ...
5. A simple tip to clean your jewelry at home: Take a soft, unused children's toothbrush, a little warm water, a drop of washing up liquid and a little ammonia. Do not add ammonia to pearls, opals and corals! Then gently brush with soap and brush and then rinse well under the tap. This way all gems will shine like new again.
6. In case of any doubt, please contact me. Avoiding is better than to cure!