"Wie van de 3" on SBS6 : Who is the real Goldsmith Manon!

For the television program Wie van de Drie on sbs 6, we entered into a battle with all our knowledge to mislead the jury members.
By asking questions they had to find out which of us 3 is the real goldsmith!

Wie van de drie goudsmid manon

The three candidates ready to convince the judges

The jury members were: Raven van Dorst, Najib Amhali, Britt Dekker and Martien Meiland, all hosted by Wendy van Dijk.

Together we, Anita, Tess and Manon exchanged as much information as possible in order not to draw attention to Manon.
Because we all wanted to look exactly the same to make it even more difficult for the panelists, we made exactly the same aprons for us.
Wie van de drie goudsmid manon

Backstage getting ready for the show

For the recordings we drove to the studio in Almere where we were received very friendly.
After the make-up, hair and clothing we were able to go into the studio to get an explanation of the production.

Wie van de drie goudsmid manon

... aaaaand action!

Where we had to stand, how we would walk up and down, the order of recordings etc.
When it was our turn the tension increased because let's face it, television recordings are not daily fare for us!
There were also quite difficult questions such as questions about the melting point of gold, what a tanzanite is and what a giebelton is used for.... they knew a lot that Anita knew exactly what a giebelton is!
Anita and Tess did a fantastic job and were so strong and fast, I'm really proud of those girls.

All in all it was a day with a golden edge, we laughed a lot and we are definitely another experience richer.

Did you guess it right??

Wie van de drie goudsmid manon After successfully fooling the panel


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