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Around the World in 80 Gems – Goldsmith Manon Herrewijnen presents her work

Are you going on a world tour with Manon Herrewijnen? During a one-day exhibition you will be immersed in the fascinating, magical world of gemstones, their origin, their sites and the enchanting jewelry that Manon creates.   


Blue Topaz full rivière bracelet 

The world trip starts in a dark space; image and sound clips show the hard work of the miners who search for gems. The result of their efforts can be seen in the exhibition of the most beautiful crystals and minerals. The journey continues along different continents. Manon's audio tour can be listened to on Spotify in which she explains the special color of gemstones and the jewelry designed and manufactured by her in her own studio. The tour ends in an English tea garden where you will be offered a high tea.

 Amethyst by @StoneGallery 


This trip around the world offers an unforgettable experience. Knowledge about the origin of the gemstones and the path they travel before they end up on Manon's workbench, give her jewelry a deeper meaning. Her unique, handmade and personal jewelry bears the exclusive signature of her creative craft. Craftsmanship and awareness are the new luxury.

Time and place

Round the World in 80 Gems will take place on September 10 in an old Coach House in Spijkenisse, which will be transformed into a pop-up museum for the occasion. Manon has invited her most important clients to this special gathering and she expects around 120 guests.


 Mosaïc collection 2022


Would you like to participate or do you have any questions, please contact Manon Herrewijnen




Or Tea? contributes to the High Tea. Or Tea? - Or Tea?™ (or-tea.com)

Stone Gallery in Baarn (for crystals and minerals in the highest segment) supplies the crystals and minerals on consignment. Stone gallery | Official website - Stone gallery


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