Goldsmith Manon Rotterdam - Cocktailring in a flower shape with citrine centerstone

Carefully trend-watching

The new year has started and we are excited for the all good things that it will bring. One thing we have been doing is anticipate what the trends this year are going to do. Some of our all time favorites are making a comeback and we are seeing some y2k oldtimers rising up. In this blog we will take you along the four trends that stood out to us and which we cannot wait to put in the spotlight. 


1. Crazy Cocktail Rings

This colorful statement piece that is a true eyecatcher originated from the prohibition era making its way back into fashion after a period of minimalism. After we have seen some toe-dipping into chunky colorful monochromatic rings, it is time for the cocktail ring. They can be worn as a true highlight of an outfit, with their ever enchanting structures and color combinations. Whatever crazy idea you have in mind, we bet you we can make a ring out of it!

Citrine, Green Tourmaline and Diamond in a flower shape, set in white gold


2. Sexy Shoulder Sweepers

Dainty earrings that are flowy and subtle while adding great chiqueness to any outfit. They come in many, many variations and are recognizable from their popularity in the '00s. Whether they are a simple strand of chain with no particular beginning or end, or if they drop down with pearls or gems, they are sophisticated pieces that will elevate your look in no time

Pink topaz shoulder sweepers


3. Funky Chunky Pearls

We have seen the re-rise of pearl necklaces in the past years and now the chunky pearl has its moment as we are seeing more and more in media and fashion. It's giving this baroque vibe and will look chique while also having a playful look to it. They are not quite as attention grabbing as for example the cocktail ring, but they create a certain modest but fashionable feel, while still definitely being on the forefront of your outfit. 

Freshwater pearl on a white gold hook set with diamonds


4. All things Hearts

We've been a hearts-fan forever, and now we are seeing a rise in popularity. This organ-shaped token of love has taken on many different styles and forms, and is applicable almost anywhere. The earliest pieces of heart shaped jewellery even dates back to medieval times and were originally worn for protection from ill-meaning spirits. Nowadays we love to see its association with love. With all the pieces we have created over the years with this shape as inspiration, this trend is so dear to our hearts (get it?). Nothing beats a classic like this one.

Not only on valentines day.

 Unique pink tourmaline pendant in rose gold chain


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