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Birthstones, just as popular as thousands of years ago

The existence of so-called birthstones has been widely known for centuries. It stems from many different cultures and histories, and has since adapted to our contemporary way of celebrating traditions. Using birthstones is a perfect way to make jewellery have an extra sense of meaning and personal touch to it. 

The origin of gemstones in relation to months of the year can be led back to biblical times. In the book of Exodus Aron wears a breast plate with twelve gems which were later connected to the twelve zodiac signs. Another (even older) origin that is found is in Hindu astrology, in which a certain stone would be worn according to astrological concerns or health situations. These were also later linked to the Gregorian calendar. 

A drop cut Amethyst, birthstone of the month February

In Chinese culture the take on birthstones is a bit different than how we have discussed before. In this tradition the seven days of the week are represented by stones. This is also seen in Thai history. Obviously with every cultural background there are different sets of gems and different traditions that go along with it. This results in many months having multiple corresponding stones. 

Ring set with Opal, birthstone of the month October

The list commonly adhered in western Europe is the one listed below. Since there are many variations, if the one listed is not your perfect fit, it is very possible to discover another one that is more to your liking! Each stone represents different qualities and characteristics.

January Garnet July Ruby
February Amethyst August Peridot
March Aquamarine September Sapphire
April Diamond October Opal
May Emerald November Citrine
June Pearl December Tanzanite


There are many ways to incorporate these gems into fine jewellery. All come in different shapes and shades, and can be tailored to your preferences. So if there is a special day coming up and you would like to celebrate this with a piece that commemorates a certain day or period, do so with a birthstone!

Selection of our available gemstones with e.g. Fire Opal, Emerald, Citrine, Ruby, Peridot, Tanzanite and many more



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